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Over five floors and neighbouring the Natural History Museum is the splendour of the Science Museum. Such a chronicle of humanity's search for answers is a huge amount of information to absorb in a single sitting, though a mere taste can prove thoroughly rewarding.

The museum has an overwhelming array of machines and hardware on display and bears a true reflection of Britain's proud history of technological advancements. Despite the complex subject matter the Science Museum uses interaction and information to show the process of these scientific discoveries, how the conclusions were reached and what effect they have on our lives.

The ground floor has an impressive collection of vehicles including various cars, locomotives and steam engines. Here there is also a display on space exploration. The first floor is dedicated to food, gas, structural metals and communications. The second floor holds exhibits on nuclear power, printing and the rise of computing.

Displays on the third floor include the Flight Gallery exhibition, which deals with the history and technology behind man's desire to fly. You'll also find the most amazing interactive 'Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery' which, through 50 different exciting exhibits, shows how science and maths shape our everyday lives. Please note that entry must be booked in advance due to its popularity.

Within the building there is also an IMAX cinema, a picnic area, several cafés and a gift shop. Admission to the Science Museum is free, although donations are welcome.

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In The News

Science Museum named as Winner of Art Fund Museum Of The Year 2020

On 12th of October 2020 the Science Museum was announced as a winner of Art Fund Museum of the Year 2020, the most prestigious museum prize in the world.

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The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum are so close that they are basically the same place. Fact. Okay, not a fact but a trip to one can quite simply be followed by a trip to the other. Blue whales, dinosaurs, biology and “earthquake games” are all part of the fun to be had at the South Kensington museums. There are even ice rinks in winter!

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Anyone with an interest in space, creepy-crawlies, medicine and technology will find heaps of interesting stuff at the Science Museum. Watch 3D films at their very own IMAX cinema, and they even have an RAF jet simulator so you can pretend you’re manoeuvring acrobatics in the skies.

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User Reviews


Aug 19, 2004

This place is very interesting, and very big. Ideally you should have at least an entire morning or afternoon set aside to explore all of the various exhibits. When I went they had a great exhibition about the newspaper industry in the UK showing the background behind how papers get to the stands everyday.