Consulate General Of The Kingdom Of Morocco

Embassies & Consulate at Diamond House, 97-99 Praed Street
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Diamond House
97-99 Praed Street
W2 1NT
020 7724 0624
Nearest Station
0.19 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 09:30 - Closes 14:00
Tuesday Open 09:30 - Closes 14:00
Wednesday Open 09:30 - Closes 14:00
Thursday Open 09:30 - Closes 14:00
Friday Open 09:30 - Closes 14:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

The Consulate General Of The Kingdom Of Morocco provides local, national and worldwide information on their services to all commercial, industrial and tourist orientated activities directed to Morocco. In addition to this, they are here to represent their homeland and to offer them the local representation of their homeland.

User Reviews

Marzi Karim
from london

Jun 18, 2019

With respect actually there is nobody to answer the calls and there is not any response to emails ... I applied for tourist visa before my holiday and called more than 600 times and sent emails more than 100 times but I did not receive any answer from the Morocco’s consulate ... There is not any responsibility over there ... I undrestand to select the Morocco for holiday is The BIGGEST mistake ... I really never choose this country for visit and my advice to all my friends is that (Never come close to irresponsible Morocco’s Consulate)
from Sanders

Jun 1, 2018

The consulate clearly needs an overhaul with competent staff who have had UK professional and managerial training.For a forward looking country,staff and systems are absolutely outdated and inefficient.
Email/phone communications are barely responded to or monitored.
Redoun Alit
from Hackney

Dec 8, 2014

They can improve when the powers that be, presumably in Morocco, who allocate the 'Morons' that are staff at the Consulate in London, get rid of every single one of them & replace them with competent employees that can speak 'English'!!! Seeing that we are in London England? And the website, phone line, e-mail address etc.. etc... are not fit for purpose either!!! As no one bloody answers the phone? Emails do not get a response? And the website...? Well...? SERVER ERROR with that method? Need I go on? A total disgrace & shambolic governmental dept that needs urgent overhaul.
Not given
from Not given

Dec 20, 2012

I have used the services of Moroccan consulates in 3 different countries (France, the US and the UK) and the Moroccan consulate in London exceeded by far my expectations in terms of quality of service. I had my registration plus an additional paperwork done in less than 30 min and the staff was very friendly. Similar paperwork has taken me in the past at least 3 hours in other consulates. And the worst customer experience I’ve ever had in my life was at the Moroccan consulate in France. So thumbs up to the London consulate team for delivering a service that stands out in quality compared to w

Name: Not given
Location: Not given

Dec 28, 2011

The Moroccan consulate in london is not as efficient as it should be being a governmental organisation but it truly depends upon ur luck what amount of customer service u get from them. They are rude and not having good english communication skills which they should have after being in a english speaking country like UK where english was born. But i think if one keeps patience in him/her its not a issue to face big problems from them. My suggestion would be not to call or emailing them, just go directly at the consulate and speak to the reception person at the desk and even if ur filing a visa application. Thats how i personally did because i dont believe in oral communication on phone. Face to face communication provides much better results. Thats what i learnt after this Moroccan consulate experience. But i must say they dont provide correct information on their website as far as opening and closing times are there and also the visa processing times as i got mislead by it at one point of time. I had to go back again to that consulate the week after........

Dec 6, 2011

Hi all,

I have never seen such a thing. Even the most non-efficient governmental instutions are not as bad as the Moroccan Consulate in London. I have delt with Moroccan consulates elesewhere in the world (lived in different countries) and they are not as bad as the Moroccan consulate in London.
First of all, why post an email on the website since no one reads it at the consulate and any email you send is doomed to fall in lymbo..Useless.
Second, why post a telephone number on the website since :
1. You have less than 2% change of getting through in any single day, of course the probability falls when you try each day of the week : I did the math tried to call yesterday morning, I tried from 9:30, called almost 60 times. Got through once around 11.
2. When you are lucky enough to get through : they either do not speak english, speak english but understand half of what you are saying, or if you reach the person that can provide with the information you need...well they do not help at all.

Third, every time I go there I feel that I am going to have a nervous breakdown. They slow, not efficient and patronizing...

I am so tired to deal with this, I have been looking at ways to fill in a complaint with the Embassy maybe.
This gives a really bad image to our country, yes I agree our institutions in Morocco are not the most efficient in the world but I think they are better than the Moroccan consulate in London.
They are under representing our country and adding stress to any person that deals with them. (ok some of you have had good experiences but you are a minority.....)

have a good day and if you have any ideas on how to fill in a complaint, I ll be happy to hear.


Nov 29, 2011

Hi everyone,
Please be aware of Consulate General of Morocco. These people are very irresponsible and do not abide UK law.

In the beginning of October my wife and I applied for tourist visa. My wife was main applicant and i was a sponsor. After 2 weeks visa was granted but Consulate General did not return original documents i sent to support the application. These documents were: original work agreement with my current employer, pay slips and bank statements.

I have been chasing these documents since then but consulate general ignores my communication. I have sent around 15 emails so far and got one anonymous response which turned up to be a lie.

Avoid contacts with that institution as much as possible. Do not send original documents as the employees of consulate will keep them for themselves and you will leave with nothing.

Consulate General of Morocco represents the lowest standards of customer service, do not respect the law and lies under cover of anonymity.



Mar 28, 2011

I couldn’t get through to get some info today ; but when I did a polite lady answered and promised to find out for me and call me back. I was a bit sceptical that she will not ring.
As promised, the lady called me back with the required info. She spoke well and was very polite too. Please don’t just criticise and moan, they are making the effort to move forward the facilities and funds are limited they are not paid by the British Gov. I am proud to be Moroccan.
Thanks to everyone in the consulate.

Jan 26, 2011

Some people say that the consulate service has changed from bad to better
i have to say that it has been changed from bad to worse .
it will be your dream if you want to speak to them on the phone it just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing , zid sarsar 3awad sarsar zid sarsar o 3awad sarsar.
when you outside the consulate you are definitely in london but once you are in you will be like if you are in darb sultan or sou9 lkalb , a Moroccan will be always a Moroccan even if they are in the moon ,
most of them they dont speak even the language i have no idea how they get the job in the first place but we moroccans we all know how so leave that camel asleep .
this people they dont know something called email they dont seem to have one , look at their website , if you login to their website it feels like if you want to order a pizza , one pizza blahrisa obarad atay please ,
its really a jock , when this people learn how to respect themselves and to respect us i have no idea but i pray to god that one day they will Repentance .
im not saying this because i don’t like been moroccan
im a Moroccan and proud to be and proud of our young king that he is doing his best to make morocco a civilised country but unfortunately he cant do everything on his own we have to help him by using all sort of media to reveal all this cowards that dont do their jobs as they should .
long live the king and bless morocco

Sep 17, 2010

I needed some important info. on how to initiate divorce proceedings since my husband was both abroad and not entriely truthfull about how/what I should be doing about my desired divorce.
I attended the consulate fasting as I've quite a few days I owe and I left the consulate almost in tears and needing to break my fast! Which, may Allah forgive me, I did!
The man who welcomes on the ground floor was polite and so was a lady 'Fatima' who assisted me once on the first floor. But then I needed my advice from 2 men who were seated in their room on the first floor and WOW! I felt like I was being spoken to by my husband and/or dad. Absolutely no sense of manners/sensitivity whatsoever. Judgmental via gestures. The concept of CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS TOTALLY ALIEN TO THEM. I NEVER WANT TO VISIT THE HORRID PLACE AGAIN, AND God forbid I should need to. Unless guaranteed to be dealt with by Fatima or the guy on the first floor, you're in for a real depressing time.....

Sep 16, 2010

Response to the comment from the ' English ' from Leeds.
Your comment is a bit out of order and that doesnt represent the English people I know. Be carefull when you judge something. It is very acceptable when you criticize something (its the british people's absolute nature to criticize before having breakfast, we all learnt that from day one) but if what you say that people get frustrated with you MOROCCO and ITS people, it is just a rubbish bin that you may have found while being tourist in london and receiving a poor service from certain lazy retarded employees. so next time if you want to judge a Nation, read its history and compare it with yours. a bit of respect for people who flourished europe for 800 years!
Peace be upon you!

Sep 2, 2010

unhelpful, rude, short tempered, abrupt, difficult, I could go on and on and on. I have travelled many countries and this is the first time I got this despicable treatment when contacting a consulate for information to enter their country to spend money on their economy. After the appalling treatment I received after nearly 50 calls made, I lost my interest in visiting this country. If it wasn't for the money I spent on my holiday, which I cannot get back in the event of cancellation, I would definitely cancel my trip to Morocco. It is disgusting that the Moroccan consulate gets away with this customer treatment. I work 10 hours per day on a very busy customer oriented environment so, when I was told that they could not send me any info, or email or even give me their name because they "are busy", I then wondered if the office I called was a circus and not a Morrocan representative office.

Jul 5, 2010

I can only reiterate what has been said before, what an appalling service, I am English and work very long hours but the consulate is only open 9am - 3pm, what do they do for the rest of the time is it any wonder people get frustrated with Morocco and its people. My family and I live in Leeds but I was advised just to go to London to find out what I need to know, and it was said as if we live around the corner. All the adverts need to be removed and essential information placed on the web page with contact telephone numbers where someone actually answers the phone but because you have to have the documents when travelling to Morocco they have you over a barrell and the never me care attitude will continue,

Jun 18, 2010

This is the least helpfull consulate I've ever stepped in.
I use to live in France where the consulat staff would be slow but yet polite and helpfull. In London they are rude, unhelpfull, and won't speak anything but arabic to you! It looks like they arent there to help you but to make your life even more difficult. I went in with my husband who isnt a moroccan and I was ashamed that this is the image of morocco he had to see.

Mar 2, 2010

Moroccan Consolute were very helpful.

Jan 26, 2010

The service is less then to be desired the staff are rude and unhelpful. The opening hours are ridiculous and the office space is far to small. If you where brought up here and your Arabic isn't as harsh as the staffs they see it was a weakness to be rude to customers on the telephone and face to face. I'm sure anyone reading this will be smiling and agreeing. I try all together not to communicate with them but the new ID chip card is a neccessary must to avoid a fine in Morocco- I'm one of thousands dreading the trip to the Consulate. Good luck! :)

Sep 25, 2009

Hi there just to comment on the website of the consulate because this website is full of advertisements and publicity to either London or Morocco. This is not advisable
If anyone wants to see something about London or Morocco there is World Wide Web which shows all information on everything you want, be it a city or cancer illness ..etc
A consulate's website should be stating all services it offers to its natives or other nationalities who seek a visa for example. Thanks.

Sep 25, 2009

First of all the place is too small. Not enough space even to breath! Organisation in dealing with applications and no one know how long it could take to finish what you come for. In the consulate the staff don't communicate with visitos. That's all

Aug 27, 2009

it seems like no body working!. every day i ring i have to waste 10 to 20 mins before i can get hold of somebody ,very very poor service, no politness what so ever, very Ignorant they trying to cut the conversation and it seems like they not listening to costomers quiries ,
im moroccan and i think i get better service in morocco than what i get in moroccan consulat in london,
i hope my coment put in to consederation, other wise im goin to take it furder .

Aug 18, 2009

It seems like no one is there to pick the phone up !!! or maybe they all went for holidays !!

Jun 16, 2009

It would be usrful to have the opening times too, since no one seems to pick up the phone when its not busy... thanks
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