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020 8364 8292
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Tuesday Open 10:00 - Closes 18:00
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User Reviews


Jul 30, 2012

I came across Rapunzel Salon through Groupon. It's a small privately owned salon. What particularly impressed me is that they only use Aveda products and natural/organic hair colourants. Anna, the business owner, really knows her stuff and I was really pleased with her advice & results with my hair

Jul 12, 2012

I went with my Groupon today and cant fault anything. Clean attractive salon, friendly staff, great cut and scalp massage.Also had the colour gloss which gives amazing shine. Definitely will be back.

Mar 26, 2012

I first started going to Rapunzel using a Groupon voucher and never expected it would become now my regular salon! There's a young lady who works there called Maria who does my hair, thank you again by the way!

I love the element of surprise on my first visit - the ritual! Before, i had never been to an Aveda Salon, the massage and everything just put the cherry on the cake of the whole salon experience, a real pamper! The girls here are all so lovely and pleasant, I always feel very welcome and like i can have a chat with them all (i probably talk them to death though). Maria does my hair very well and time and time again i am very pleased with the job she does!! She makes very good suggestions to me, when i'm in two minds about things and it always comes out brilliantly so i have complete faith in her having my hair in her hands - and most of all she does what i ask when i am specific with her!! She even recently suggested i get a brazilian blowdry for the summer which i am considering because i have the frizzy hair curse when the weather gets a little humid!

My next appointment is booked in and i look forward to seeing all the Rapunzel girls very soon!

Mar 26, 2012

I have to say I am very shocked at reading the negative comments below as my own experience could not be more different. After discovering Rapunzel through a friend, I can only say that my hair is the best it has ever been. Its soft, its shiny, its thick and healthy and I get compliments every day about what a beautiful blonde colour it is. I have never been happier with my hair and my hairdresser always listen to exactly what I want and does just so, a quality which is sadly lacking in other hair salons. My highlights are always done to perfection, i am treated with upmost respect and after having gone to the salon a few times, it has become like a second home to me.
The salon itself is always very well maintained, bright and clean. Unlike other hair salons, you never see anything out of place or a blown light bulb, everything is always well presented.
The staff could not be more helpful and pleasant.
I urge you consider trying rapunzel before casting judgement. that's what I did and I have found a hair dresser for life, to the point where, as I know live abroad, I book plane tickets specifically to come back to hair my hair done, as I now no longer trust anyone else other than rapunzel. Try it. You'll thank me later.

Jan 16, 2012

I have to say, after reading a few reviews on here, i was petrified to use my groupon voucher, however i can not stress the excellent service i received from start to finish.
On calling the salon, i was unable to be to flexible with days due to work commitments, the receptionist was very patient whilst i was choosing a date. She gave me several options with no hesitation at all. I was slightly concerned that as id booked through groupon id receive a budget service, but once again i was amazed by the time and knowledge invested in me as a client. The stylistic was fabulous, you could tell she was very experienced and really knew the best avenue to take. The complimentary headand shoulder massage was a perfect way to start a day of pampering. I was sincerely surprised at how comfortable i felt and all staff made the experience unique and individual to me.
Overall i really enjoyed the day, my hair looked the best its done in years and i can't wait to come back.

Jan 9, 2012

I don't normally write reviews however i must say i have had one of the best experience in Rapunzel salon. Let me start by saying i walked into this salon and was not gawked at which made me feel comfortable the girls greeted me with a warm gesture took my coat offered me a selection of refreshments, i was then taken to meet my stylist which spent time discussing options for my hair as i was unsure of what i wanted! I had a wonderful head shoulder and neck massage complimentary and then was offered a complimentary hand massage once my colour had been applied. All Colours and products were natural as it is a Aveda concept salon. Overall i was very happy excellent customer service and defenitly will go back. All the girls that work in Rapunzel salon get envoled with all there clients and almost make you feel at home in the way that they interact, defenitly would recommend, great job Rapunzel Salon keep it up!

Jan 4, 2012

Rapunzel is one of many salons that i have been to and i must say I will be back. As soon as i walked in i was seen to and offered a drink My coat was taken from me and i was seated, i had a consultation with the lady Who was doing my hair and she guided me to the style that would suit me the Most. My consultation was followed by a head and shoulder massage And whilst my treatment was on i had a hand massage. She cut and blowdried my hair to how i had imagined-if not better! I would deffinately recomend and they will be seing me again.

Nov 22, 2011

One phone call was enough to put me off...

Another Groupon special enticed me to book an appointment here as it was only £19 and local.

I made my first booking which i had to wait a month for due to the high uptake of the Groupon voucher, on the day i got a phone call cancelling it because the hairdresser went to Hospital. My appointment got moved from a week day to a weekend by the receptionist.

Big Mistake - apparantly Groupon buyers are not worthy of a weekend.

Recieved a phone call from the manager Andrea confirming my appointment for the saturday and dobuble checking if i was going to go ahead with the colour as this takes up a full hour appointment, not good when there are "REAL PAYING CUSTOMERS" on a Saturday.. i got the hint.

I told her that i wanted to have a consultation about the colour as i had previously told all the other receptionists who had called me previously and didnt want to choose on the spot whether i was or wasnt. I accept that this could be considered as a touch choosy...but let me be clear in saying that I was being blamed for the manager for my appointment being moved to a Saturday and the fact that i wasnt sure about the colour was "a waste of their time" on a Saturday especially.

I was horrified at this point and when asked again if i was going to proceed with the colour, i said yes. I was then asked "are you sure, because if ur just saying that im going to charge you a cancellation fee if you come in and change your mind".

What a fantastic manager setting a fab example to her staff,

Complained to Groupon and cancelled the appointment. Just wanted to share this amazing service with you all so you hopefully dont bother.

Response from
We acknowledge your feed back and do take it seriously! We are sorry you felt this way however we would be happy to ANWSER your questions and gift you a complimentary service!

Jun 25, 2012


Oct 30, 2011

It is with regret that I experienced the worst haircut in this hair salon.

I had booked through a Groupon offer, this salon enticed me because of the Aveda hair colours. The person whom I seen that day applied the colour to my roots without showing me a colour chart. I had booked a full hair colour, but they only coloured the roots, and unfortunately, they missed a huge section to the side and the grey is still very evident.
I also requested a trim only, as I am growing my hair. To my horror, she cut a minimum of 2 inches, sliced into my layers, leaving my long thick hair considerably shorter and thinner. The ends are thin and wispy. It also looks unbalanced in the thickness. It has taken me years to grow my hair and I have to start the growth all over again.

I wonder to this day if I was a full-paying customer would I'd received a better colour and service? I doubt it.

I will never go back.
Response from manager
we are sorry to hear you was not happy and acknowledge your feedback which we take seriously so that we can continually try to improve our services! however we would be happy to answer any of your concerns and offer you a complementary service.

Jun 25, 2012


Oct 10, 2011

I'm very sorry to say I was extremely disappointed with my haircut. I took advantage of a Groupon offer for a haircut, treatment and finish at Rapunzel as it was only £19.00. Many of my friends had warned of the risk of going to a hairdressers without any recommendations. As I basically only wanted a 'trim' I thought I couldn't go wrong! When I arrived at the salon - there was literally one other client and the one hairdresser. I was asked what I wanted to have done which I said I basically wanted a long bob, a full blunt fringe and the rest basically straight all around. I also stressed that I usually have very long layers cut in to take the weight off as I have very thick hair. Sadly, instead I got tons of 'short' layers cut into the back and had the front shaped also (??) so it graduated from the chin below. Yes It was a great haircut if I had asked for a 90s throwback hairstyle! Thankfully, one month on and my hair has grown and able to wear it better. A lesson learned and never again!
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