City Tower Jobcentre Plus

Job Centre at West Tenter Street
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5 / 10 from 3 reviews
West Tenter Street
E1 8DT
034 5604 3719
Nearest Station
0.16 miles
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Opening Times
Monday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Tuesday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Wednesday Open 10:00 - Closes 17:00
Thursday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Friday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

There are many Jobcentres which are located nationwide. Working within the Department of Education and Employment, they aim to provide a wide range of jobs for those who are actively seeking employment.

User Reviews

from Tower hamlets

May 29, 2015

This jobcentre is number one for making people wait around & making them come in for things that could literally be sorted over the phone, well that would be the case if they was to ever pick up their phones that is. The advisors, well I suggest that they work on their attitudes as the ones especially on the second floor, have a habit of making you feel like they're so much above you! It would help if they understood that not everyone ACTUALLY wants to be on benefits, people DO want to work! It's just easier to say get a job than to find one in the first place!
from London

Nov 18, 2014

They need to work on their communications. The telephone numbers provided hardly get used by the organisation. I rang for over 45 minutes and no answer. And once answered by an advisor other than my own, its like they are not bothered to know what the call is for rather they push you to come into the Job Centre to solve your issue without consulting my advisor. So when i DO come in... my advisor simply rebooks me for tomorrow. This could have been arranged through the telephone. Instead of making me walk a mile. And the security arent working to full potential. Always in a group chattering.

Jul 24, 2010

I was in this Jobcenter for a NI number interview. The waiting time was reasonable and the interview was conducted in a professional and very polite manner. Something to improve: while arriving, it would be nice to get a rough estimate of the expected time the visit would take.

Thanks to the staff, keep on good work!
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