Job Centre at 86-92 Uxbridge Road
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86-92 Uxbridge Road
West Ealing
W13 8RA
West Ealing
Nearest Station
West Ealing
0.25 miles
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Opening Times
Monday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Tuesday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Wednesday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Thursday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Friday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

There are many Jobcentres which are located nationwide. Working within the Department of Education and Employment, they aim to provide a wide range of jobs for those who are actively seeking employment.

User Reviews

from London

Aug 21, 2018

I visited Ealing job centre for the first time on 20/08/18. I went in with so much fear after reading all the nasty reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I met a lady B on second floor. She was polite, and very helpful. I had an amazing experience. I don’t think it’s good to generalise that they are all proud and unhelpful. There are some good people in there.
Mark L
from Ealing

May 4, 2018

As the experience goes all staff I have met have bee prompt , VERY helpful , diligent & professional
Tony Macaroni
from Ealing

Mar 20, 2017

Get a telephone and someone to answer it, for crying out loud.
Rita King
from Ealing

Mar 28, 2016

My 20 year old daughter recently tried calling the Job Centre in Ealing, but could not get through. So she went to the Job Centre in person and found the staff very unhelpful. They just advised her to have a look at their website.
This sort of attitude just encourages young people to claim JSA, which is not what my daughter wants. She wants a job!! Come on Ealing Job Centre!! Be a bit more helpful and start encouraging the youth of Ealing to get jobs, because that is what they want, not useless websites or telephone lines that no one answers.

Feb 26, 2010

They never pick up the phone! And when I tried calling at 4pm the recorded message said: 'sorry the office is now closed' shortly followed by 'normal office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm'!!

Sep 3, 2009

this job centre never ever picks up the switchboard phone so basically its pretty useless if you just need to speak to someone, which is kind of the same as this site, whats the point of a page for info about this job centre without including a phone number, worse than useless if you ask me.....
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