Petrol Station at 134 Hertford Road
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134 Hertford Road
N9 7HL
020 8807 3609
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Edmonton Green
0.39 miles
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Jet is a petrol filling station that also has a mini supermarket which sells a range of snacks, drinks and confectionery as well as car accessories. They also sell mobile top up cards and stamps.

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from London

Jul 31, 2022

I took my car for a car wash at jet pertrol station in edmonton.
I waited my turn as another car was being washed.

" my turn "
The guy indicated to me to drive up to " so I did "
(The ground had a slighy up hill at 45 degree slope)

Suddenly a eldery man in his 70s comes along from the road on to the car wash area with a cigarette in his mouth wearing a scruffy blazer with an old skool huge camera attached to a strap hanging around his neck, proceeded to wash my car ( i thought this looks a bit odd) ( i thought maybe hes been for lunch and back to work )

He i dicated for me to move my car slightly forward and then he kept making me go back and forth confusing me
(clumsiness )
The other guy stood by watching with a smirk on his face finding it all amusing.
And looked over at me saying sorry about this ( I could lip read him )

then he wanted me to do something else whilst he was jetting the front window screen, I couldn't understand what he wanted me to do.
( i couldt excatly open my windows with all the water being sprayed ) 😏
I then figured that he wanted me to turn on the window wipers do he could aim the jet under the wipers to jet wash
( which is not neccessary as soap and water will seep under there anyway ) ( craziness ) " so I did "
But turned then off again immediately.

When he had finished he walked round to the passenger side and held his camera up and said "SHAL I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU " !!

I held my hand out NO NO NO !! Dont you dare take a picture. He came round to my window and said "ONLY JOKING"
Then he left and walked off.

Then the other guy took over.
I asked him if that guy works here?
'He replied' in a vague unclear answer a long time ago.
I asked him again.
He said NO a long time ago.
I asked him for the third time.
He said NO but a lomg time ago
'THREE TIMES to get a clear reply from him'.

I said ! So hes NOT an employee here and hes walked in of the street and you let him touch my car wuth proceeding to wash my car and I am paying for a service that you have half carried out and you allow this to happen

He replied hes got mental health issues he will shout.
And police has been called.

I replied, I dont care if he has mental health issues, you shouldnt allow this to happen what of something happened to my car who is then responsible for any damages and you allow this to happen dont you think !! He said the man is looking for a TIP .

I said, the fact that you stood there and allowed this to happen and not stop him and not taken controll and consider how this would affect me and you think this is a joke ! i am not paying for this.
By this point i was really angry.

I went in to report this at the til.
She calls the manager over.
I began to explain what had just happened.
His customer service was appalling, didnt want to hear me out fully.
I looked at him in a disgust and told him.
" im trying to explain to you to help you so you know what is going on behind your back as you seem to not be aware of him returning,as you just told me he has not been here in a long time )
I said thats irrelevan hes here today though and touched my car and you expect me to pay for this !
as this is not safe.

He Butted in and said you dont want to pay ?
I replied, what for this service and the stress its caused me ,
He SNATCHED the card tokin out of my hand that was given at the entrance of the car wash to pay with later. And gave it to the lady at the till and AGRESSIVELY flapps his arms GO GO to get out .
I went out along with him and asked why are you shouting at me.
Just because you know your in the wrong and you dont like being told so you uses aggresive mannerism
Towards me as a customer.
By this point i was fuming livid angry and gave him a mouthful. The other guys there even told him to stop and leave me alone " as they could see he was not dealing with this in a professional manner .
( this is a disgrace ),
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