Smokey Jerkey 2 Ltd

Takeaway at 158 New Cross Road
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8 / 10 from 10 reviews
158 New Cross Road
New Cross
SE14 5BA
079 4623 3176
New Cross
Nearest Station
New Cross Gate
0.36 miles
Opening Summary
Mon - Sat: 11am-11pm
Sun: Closed

User Reviews

from New Cross

Sep 24, 2020

Smokey jerkey is my favourite part of living in this area. Food is really great, staff are so nice. It’s not a super fast food deliveroo type of place. It is a lovely friendly old school place serving up consistently brilliant food at very good prices. A large portion will easily feed two. Get a mix of jerk chicken and jerk lamb, with rice and peas and salad. Lots of jerk sauce, and as much of the hot sauce as you dare.
from New cross

Jan 11, 2018

Food is great jerk sauce amazsbals
No phone number sucks
No jerk lamb sucks
from London

Jan 11, 2018

Sometimes there is no one to greet you at the front so you have to wait awhile to order. Cash only. They sometimes run out of jerk lamb by 3pm and close at 11pm..... Also the have not phone number, so tired of going there and they don't have what I want snd I can't call.
from new cross

Oct 7, 2015

Been coming here since 08 and the food is still on point. Glad they are still here, it's the most authentic Jamaican restaurant in new cross and smacks jades up the road hands down! The menu is limited so no patties, but having always done it well, why change!
from New Cross Gate

Mar 31, 2011

I would love to give Smokey Jerky marks out of 10 AND place an order or make an enquiry IF someone would answer the phone - which seems to be permanently engaged! There does not appear to be any other phone nuumber for this business!

Does not having a phone number tha the public can contact you on , harm your business. We are interested in finding out what you can do for our office party but we can't get hold of anyone and cannot get down to the shop because of business.

Name: Angelique
Location: New Cross Gate

Jun 2, 2010

Been to smokey jerkey yesterday, the food is still the best and the sauce, I cant have enough of.
I was there for lunch special I had a choice of any meal for only 3.00.Its really good to know we can have this tasty food for this price.


May 31, 2010

Smokey Jerkey has the best jerk I have tasted.The homemade jerk sauce is The best. Friendly service and great prices. The jerk lamb is a must have.

May 27, 2010

I will agree with the other comments posted, although not situated in the best place,the food makes up for that! There Jerk Pork is to die for and absoluetley addictive, about time, we needed a god Jerk Centre in SE London. Prices are good, and portion sizes are very good!

Feb 23, 2010

Smokey Jerkey is the best jerk chicken I have tasted in all of London. It's a hidden gen in New Cross. There are a couple other jerk chicken shope within the neighbourhood, but this is by far the best! The service is friendly and the portions/prices are very good as well.

I think the jerk sauce that they have is extra extra tasty. I always make sure I get a fair share of it with my order.

The location isn't the best, but the food more than makes up for it.

You can even smell the cooking chicken from down the street..yummmmmm!


Sep 25, 2009

More a takeaway joint than a place to sit down and eat, the service can be very slow here at busy times. BUT the food is well worth the wait. Jerk pork/lamb/chicken with rice'n'peas, curry goat, oxtail - all delicious (and I think possibly addictive!) and reasonably priced. The freshly squeezed juices that they've started doing are also good.
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