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Outlaw's at the Capital
22-24 Basil Street SW3 1AT
Outlaw’s at the Capital is seafood chef Nathan Outlaw’s first foray into London’s dining scene. In 2013 it was awarded its first Michelin star, adding to the two he already has at his eponymous restaurant in Rock, Cornwall. We caught up with head chef Pete Biggs, who has been working with Outlaw for the last ten years.

What does Outlaw’s at the Capital do that nowhere else does?
We pride ourselves on having the freshest fish in London and it’s delivered daily from Cornwall from fishermen we know well. Fish is our star ingredient and I love creating dishes that complement and enhance without overshadowing the flavour of the fish.

When did you decide you wanted to become a chef?
I hated cooking when I was younger, but I got a job in a Beefeater when I was 19 and always used to watch the chefs and feel really inspired. My first job as a chef was at The Complete Angler in Marlow.

What kitchen gadget can you not live without?
My filleting knife. I prep fresh fish every day for our 34 seater restaurant and our menu showcases over six types of dish a day, therefore it's a kitchen essential!

Are there any ingredients you hate using?
Tomato ketchup!

What would your perfect last meal be?
Full English breakfast, with brown sauce, and a cup of tea. Simple but I love it!

Who or what have you learnt the most from in your career?
Nathan Outlaw of course, but also I have really enjoyed picking up tips and tricks from other chefs and colleagues I have worked with as much as head chefs.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as a chef?
It's not as glamorous as it is always made out to be, it's a lot of hard work and hard graft but it's so rewarding. Be committed and always cook with love.

Do you have a signature dish?
I never like to have a signature dish, however I love cooking with mackerel. I love using seasonal produce and ingredients to create a constantly evolving menu which reflects the market catch of the day.
Added on July 8, 2014


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