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Address:W1J 9HP
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About: Piccadilly Circus derives its name from a frilly collar that was popular in the seventeenth century. A dressmaker who made the item became wealthy and bought property in the area.
One of the most famous landmarks in Piccadilly Circus is the statue of Eros- the pagan god of love. The Statue was originally called the Shaftsbury Monument after Lord Shaftsbury. Though the fountain is made of Bronze, the figure of Eros itself is constructed from Aluminium, a rare and unusual material for the time.
Piccadilly Circus is instantly recognizable due to the extravagant neon signs, and is one of London most vibrant entertainment areas. The area has many pubs, clubs, cinemas and restaurants. Piccadilly Circus was originally part of the design for the Regent Street area by John Nash but has been distorted over the years.
The pedestrianised area of Piccadilly Circus conceals a maze of shops and several shopping malls, some of which are hidden behind the facing of the London Pavilion, a once significant music venue.Piccadilly Circus is the most visited part of London and is the junction for five major streets. Carnaby Street, Soho,Trafalgar square and Leceister Square are also all within close proximity to Piccadilly and it is because of this position at the crossroads of so many areas that has led to it being dubbed ‘the hub of London.’
Piccadilly Circus has its own Underground Station.

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London's New Year's Day Parade
Piccadilly to Parliament Square, London
Time: 12.00 - 15.30
Admission: Free

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