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6 / 10 from 5 reviews
7 Gerrard Street
020 7434 1888
Nearest Station
Leicester Square
0.12 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 11:00 - Closes 23:30
Tuesday Open 11:00 - Closes 23:30
Wednesday Open 11:00 - Closes 23:30
Thursday Open 11:00 - Closes 23:30
Friday Open 11:00 - Closes 00:30
Saturday Open 11:00 - Closes 00:30
Sunday Open 11:00 - Closes 22:00

User Reviews


Aug 7, 2010

The experience at Crispy Duck is like being watched by 'Big Brother'.

There are CCTV all around the restaurant, and we were unfortunate enough to sit under the big CCTV monitor, which made us feel really uncomfortable.

The food that we ordered wasn't as described on the menu and it arrived way too quick and did not taste great. We told the manager at the restaurant but he told us that his food is great, so what can we say to that, right?

Not a happy bunny!

Mar 29, 2010

I am amazed at the negative review posted in October 2009. My wife and I have eaten at The Crispy Duck several times, the latest occasion being in March 2010. Over TWO evenings we sampled crispy aromatic duck, oysters with belly of pork, sweet and sour chicken and chicken with ginger and spring onions. All of these dishes were superbly cooked and the portions were more than sufficient, in fact on the first evening we couldn't eat all we were served. The cost of both meals were very reasonable. The decor, fixtures and fittings aren't the best but this is more than made up for by the high quality of the food. We will definitely be eating there again on our next visit to London.

Jan 9, 2010

I was extremely delighted with my meal at crispy duck chinese restaurant, I decided to try the restaurant out as I'd heard from my friends that the food was delicious. I took my family to go and try it out and we had such a great dinner there. The kids loved the traditional crispy duck and pancake which came almost immediately to their great satisfaction whilst my wife and I enjoyed several chicken and pork dishes which were much better than most chinese restaurants we have experienced in chinatown. We particularly recommend the salt and pepper squid and of course the standard lemon chicken which they do very well. We were pleased to say that when the bill came we were pleasantly surprised and it was definitely good value for money, definitely try it out next time you are in Chinatown!

Oct 23, 2009

Having previously lived for a year in Singapore, a food lovers paradise, I am a big fan of the hanging meat style of Chinese cuisine and have my standard favourite dish; crispy pork and soya chicken on rice with ginger sauce. I have ordered this dish with glee in every single one of the Soho Chinatown restaurants since moving to London 4 years ago.

Crispy Duck on Gerrard st was by far the worst. Arriving alone around 2pm to a half full restaurant I was shunted upstairs to a two seater table about a meter from the bustling of the door. My standard dish arrived in the usual prompt 5 minutes you would expect, but the portion size of both the meats and rice was just above meagre. The pork was satisfactory in taste but my problems really began with the chicken, which was so overdone as to turn the thick brown coating into pure salt. The worst however was that my already substandard portion consisted of both the bony hip joint and a bone dry wing cut into three segments, two of which were inedible. In all of the hundred or so times I have ordered this dish I have never been served wing before, let alone the dried out tip, such absolute miserliness is clearly not warranted, with over a dozen whole birds hanging in the window. After this detriment of meat became apparent I politely complained to a sour looking waitress who then preceded to berate me despite the overwhelming evidence of a small mountain of bones. Eventually, after creating an uncomfortable scene, she relented and in short order the rest of a normal portion of far too salty chicken with a generous dollop of sour looks was forthcoming. The eventual bill of £7.30 for such a meagre substandard portion (w coke) was the final insult.

I recommend you bypass these shysters and instead try Young Cheng on Lisle St, just across from the Prince Charles Cinema. In the dozen or so times I have dined there the food has always been tasty, plentiful and inexpensive. Perhaps without the Gerard street fool tax added on
Colin Stuart

Jun 3, 2005

I took two American friends for lunch on Wednesday 25th May, both dedicated chow hounds. We had great pan stickers and spring rolls for starters, then duck and pancakes, chilli beef, and Singapore noodles,helped down with Ching Dao beers.
All well up to Hong Kong standards, with unobtrusive, and quick service - the bill? A little over £15 a head - highly recommended. My guests loved it, and sneaked back on the following day for more of the same!
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