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Chinese Restaurant in Archway
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5 / 10 from 8 reviews
227 Brecknock Road
N19 5AA
020 7482 6636
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Tufnell Park
0.02 miles

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Jan 7, 2012

Ownership changed recently, and sadly the quality of food has fallen through the floor. For example, I ordered the meat spring roll on my way home the other night, and because there seemed to be no meat in it, I assumed they'd given me a veggie one by mistake. But no! Ordering the same a week later, It was exactly the same: no detectable meat. I'm afraid I shan't be frequenting Jack's Kitchen again except in dire, drunken emergencies.

Oct 3, 2010

I love jacks kitchen! I was inspired to write a review (I have never written one before in over a decade spent on the internet), because of the bad reviews I read about Jacks.
Jacks has been a great addition to Tufnell Park for a few years and something us residents are proud of. People from far and wide have recommended this place and it took me a while to actually try it myself because of the credit crunch, but now I eat Jacks at least once a week. It's absolutely delicious and cheap too.

The people who run it are never ever rude, and I get lightning speed delivery every time, it's jaw dropping each time as I try and prepare my rice before they get to my door but always fail.
The area is as safe as Disney land and there's a cash point a few hundred feet away next to Sainsburys so anyone who can't be bothered walking a little bit before scoffing down some amazing chinese food shouldn't be allowed to eat there anyway.

I'm off there again tonight and my mouth waters thinking about it. Give them a go, you wont be disappointed. and believe the hype, not the dopey sods who can't afford to cough up 70p for their meal. 9/10 (would be 10, but it's not 24 hours and isn't located next door to my house unfortunately!) :)

Nov 20, 2009

Actually very good for a north london local chinese. I've also been ordering from here for a couple of years and the food quality remains consistantly good. I've always found them to deliver very quickly and the staff seem absolutely fine. Not rude at all in my experience.

Oct 30, 2009

I've had Chinese from there regularly for the last couple of years as I live nearby and never had a problem. The girl behind the counter is always friendly and the food is always very good. As for the guy complaining about the card issue, there's a cashpoint pretty much opposite and another one around the corner, and as for the area, it's hardly the ghetto! In fact it's a very lively area with plenty of people about all the time. If you're that scared of London, then get your Chinese delivered!

Aug 21, 2009

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum :D

Apr 15, 2009

Bad rude drivers. Good food but service is disgusting and when you try and tell them all they don't care.

Mar 22, 2009

I read the previous review and felt the need to write one too.

It's true that they can be a little abrupt with their speach but it isn't total rudeness but more that the straight translation can seem rude. Their language may not be to a high standard but the food is great. If you have patience and an understanding for someone who has at least bothered to learn the language of the country they are in then you'll be fine (I say this having been abroad and witnessed (some) people not bother to learn how to say hello in the language of the country they visit much less 'go look for cashpoint').

The food is cooked on the premises and in an open kitchen where you can see your food being cooked. All the food is kept fresh in containers. They generally have 2 to 3 chefs and you can see your food go straight from the wok to the containers; no dilly dallying and then straight into your hands. I don't order very often but I've yet to order and not find them busy; that in itself shows the food is well appreciated. They even deliver to your front door!


Feb 13, 2009

No cards accepted.
I was about 70p short of a £13 order and they told me to "go look for cash point" (this was at 11pm - not the best thing to be doing in this area at that time of the night).
It's cost them more than the 70p that I was short as I'll never go there again.
Not just because of this but also because of their rudeness.
Give them a wide berth.
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