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Our Bratwurst sausages are made from a secret recipe developed through the ages and handed down to our award winning butcher in Thuringia, Germany, the traditional home of the bratwurst sausage.

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Quality sausages that are tasty and filling

Now that meat is in fashion, American-style diners and steakhouses are hip. Steaks and burgers have gone posh, the bigger, juicer and rarer the better. It stands to reason then, that there is no better time to open an eatery specialising in sausages, more specifically, bratwurst.

The recipe for bratwurst varies depending on where it is produced, but the most common type has pork and veal, along with any combination of caraway seeds, nutmeg, cumin and ginger, ensuring the meat is well seasoned.

The bratwurst sold at erm, The Bratwurst, are imported from Germany. Their standard sausage is made from pork and bacon, and the meat content adds up to a gratifying 86%. A touch of cumin is just about appreciable, and they are tasty and filling.

The mettwurst is boiled rather than grilled, giving it a slightly drier skin, while the cheese bratwurst has a layer of cheese in the middle, which together with its milder combination of pork and turkey gives it a creamier flavour.

Sauces are available on the side or smothered over the sausages; the currywurst tastes sweeter than its pungent smell initially suggests, the gypsy is a sweet bell pepper sauce, while the hunter sauce is mushroom-based.

Also on the menu is the frikadelle, which despite being referred to as a hamburger is more of a giant beef and pork meatball, with plenty of spice. There is schnitzel, homemade potato salad, and chips, which deserve a mention because of their lovely golden crispiness.

There are few seats as the main purpose is to offer a fast meal on the go, a bit like at a German imbiss. A bratwurst in a bun is only £2.95; two sausages and a side cost £6.95, making this a thrifty lunch.

Reviewed by Leila
Published on Feb 3, 2012

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