Worship at the Roman temple of Mithras

Head back to AD 240

Where: London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE, 12 Walbrook EC4N 8AA

The City of London is rich with history, particularly Roman relics. A perfect example is this temple dedicated to the god Mithras, who inspired a mysterious cult that extended across the Roman empire from North Africa northwards to Britain and east towards Syria.

The temple was discovered in 1954, when archaeologists uncovered a marble statue of the head of Mithras, along with hundreds of fragments of ancient Roman writing tablets. It's now situated below ground level, in a dimly lit room with the sound of footsteps and whispering that aim to transport visitors to a typical temple visit circa AD 240. And if you're wondering about the current moniker, it's because it's also the site of Bloomberg's European headquarters.

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