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Picture of Shop at a rockíníroll charity shop

Shop at a rockíníroll charity shop

Have you been wondering where can you get your CD player fixed, buy an Elvis poster, get an acoustic guitar made to your specifications and donate some old vinyl you thought no one would ever want? Well we've got just the place...

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10% Of Ombre Balayage & Hi-Lights
At: Kay and Kompany
Starts:    January 30, 2015
Until:    July 18, 2015
Free spine and posture checks
At: Beckenham Chiropractic Clinic
Starts:    December 1, 2014
Until:    December 1, 2015
Blowdry Loyalty Cards are back!
At: Scissors Palace
Starts:    May 1, 2015
Until:    June 30, 2015

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