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Kensington Palace is a working Royal Residence and has a significant place in the history of London. The Palace was the favoured home of the Monarchy until the eighteenth century, and was the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria.

In modern times Kensington Palace houses offices and apartments of some members of the Royal family. The Jacobean building was purchased from the Earl of Nottingham by William III in 1689 and was extended by Sir Christopher Wren. Rotten Row was a private road from the Palace to Hyde Park Corner. Perhaps most famously, Kensington Palace was the home of the late Princess Diana, and is now the official London residence of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children.

The Palace is a 10-15 minute walk from the High Street Kensington Underground Station, and members of the public can visit. There are special exhibitions including detail about the young Queen Victoria, designs and examples from Diana, Princess of Wales' wardrobe, and also an exploration of The King's state apartments.

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User Reviews

Rosalind Bord
from London

Apr 21, 2012

For anyone visiting Kensington Palace DONT. We felt ashamed that the exhibition ,in this wonderful area surrounded by a wealth of famouse buildings was 3rd rate.The staff were moaned at constantley about juvenile displays with paper/fabric cuttings used as props,dark rooms.Staff begged us COMPLAIN.

Name: Rosalind Bord
Location: London
Stu London visitor

Jul 17, 2011

We visited the 'Enchanted Palace' today (17th July 2011) What an abject waste of money! The staff obviously haven't read previous reviews here otherwise they would surely be better. The few rooms available to see were all pretty well in darkness in order to achieve 'enchantment'!! It doesn't work as one cannot see the beauty of the palace itself. I can't believe that even small girls will love this patched up, cheap, disjointed, uneducational exhibition. Earlier in the day we were offered our money back from a comedy club if we didn't laugh, if these people did the same I think they'd be bankrupt very quickly.. It took us all of 30 minutes to waste £25.00 of our hard earned money. Out of interest, their site doesn't have a review section, I wonder why!!
A W Wadsworth
from Pyrford Surrey

Feb 8, 2011

When I visited Kensington Palace this month February 2011 with a group of 18 people we were "not enchanted"! It was almost impossible to imagine that this was a Royal Palace. It was very dark in the rooms making it alsmost impossible to see the features and paintings displayed there. We were expecting a tour of a Royal Palace not a few rooms filled with strange themes/objects/people which were difficult to understand the relevance of these. The majority of the group were very disappointed with the tour. I hope that one day I will be able to visit again and be pleasantly surprised to find that it has been returned to its former glory as a Palace fit for a Princess!

Name: A W Wadsworth
Location: Pyrford Surrey

Jul 10, 2010

Waste of time. Not an enchanted exhibition that one would come to expect in the traditional sense but just another tour of a stately home with the usual fine paintings, bedrooms, ceilings etc etc. Couple this with awful customer service (if you're going to employ staff teach them not to have a meltdown when the computer stops working) and you have what I would sum up as a pretty enchant-less experience all round.

May 17, 2010

People have certain expectations of the historic sights of London; for example, if you visit Kensington Palace, you don't expect an art installation with infantilised history aimed at the Harry Potter generation - which is exactly what the Enchanted Palace offers. We went this weekend, and as two adults, didn't expect to be offered a pencil to write down the names of the seven Dancing Princesses in the Palace - we thought it was just a bit of the exhibition for kids, but no - it was the whole thing!

If the people on the ticket desk had told us that the exhibition was not the traditional presentation, we would never have wasted £13 each. I have no objection to what was portrayed, but whoever is running the Historic Royal Palaces needs to tell their staff to explain to visitors what is on offer at Kensington, to give them the option of not going in. We were in and out in half an hour; a complete waste of time and money.