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4 / 10 from 7 reviews
17 Greek Street
020 7437 5782
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Tottenham Court Road
0.17 miles
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Moonlighting Night Club
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Opens 22:00 - Closes 03:30
Opens 21:00 - Closes 03:30
Opens 21:00 - Closes 03:30
Opens 22:00 - Closes 05:00
Opens 22:00 - Closes 05:00

Moonlighting is a night club that plays a wide range Urban music including Soul, Swing, Reggae and R & B. They run a variety of promotional offers including cheap drinks on Wednesdays, where all drinks cost 60p.

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Top venues to party as a student in London

Sick of sitting in a filthy house eating Pot Noodle whilst playing Call of Duty? You need to go out and have a few cheap drinks and a kebab.

Anybody that ever went to university in London knows of the pleasures of Wednesday night’s Cheapskates. If you can handle distinctly suspicious spirits then it’s only ever fun. Prepare for irony overload.

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Beer on a budget: London's best cheap bars

Nursing that half pint all night can be a thing of the past.

Nowhere in London has the kind of offers that tempt bargain hunters to Moonlighting on a Wednesday night. Located on Greek Street, Moonlighting has been running its Cheapskates night for over a decade. Its popularity is unsurprising, what with £1 drinks and a music policy of indie, electro, old skool and classics at the heart of it.

User Reviews

from London

Apr 24, 2014

Queuedup & was told by the bouncer that management have said over their radio that I wasn't allowed in. I asked why, and the bouncer didn't have the slightest clue. Went back after an hour & asked the bouncer if I was able to speak to the duty manager. He said to call up. I noticed a person with a bunch of keys beside the bouncer and I asked if she was the duty manager. She answered yes, even though she heard me ask for the manager. I asked for her name and her reply was 'you haven't been in the club so you can't have my name'
This place needs staff & management with 'people skills'

Sep 2, 2012

After first visit we decided to go this place again because we liked music and the atmosphere, even the staff at the door was not very friendly. I did not know it can get any worse. Our second visit the bouncer was very rude and disrespectful. I wish I know where to complain. We won't go there agai

Oct 7, 2009

I Love Mondays!!!! BRILLIANT night out!! Definately go again! Cheap drinks, good people, fun music - get there early so you dont have to queue to long, good MONDAY night out, oh and take your ID they are strict on the door

Aug 21, 2009

This is the worst 'club' i have ever been to! i went for a friend's birthday on a Thursday which is student night. This place has the rudest staff I have ever come across, anywhere, in my ENTIRE LIFE. They are rude and hostile from the moment you enter, it's like they dont want your custom, like they're doing YOU a favour. Both the bouncer and the 'lady' (i use the term loosely) at the ticket counter were extremely rude to myself and two of my friends FOR NO APPARENT REASON. I was told by somebody who has been There before that this is the norm. I will never go here ever again, the music was AWFUL and my chair stank of sick. You would think that after charging everyone £6 to get in they could afford new chairs, or even some throws to replace the ones currently covering the chairs, which stink! The toilets were also filthy. I hated the place!

Jun 1, 2009

Ive only been on a Thursday - CandyBOX night not candy floss, drinks cost £1 each for beers and single spirit and mixer. The music is amaaazing if you're into the indie scene and the dancefloor may be small but doesnt stop the crush and moshpits which ive experienced here. The atmoshphere is electric and crazed. Gotta love it...

Mar 22, 2009

If you want to lose your ability to hear in a week, visit this club a few times, should do the trick, plays its music approximately 3 times louder then any other night club, and it also sucks

May 30, 2006

Hey... well i started going hombres last yer during the summer and i thought it was quite a good cheap place to go to but i was disapointed to no it was gona close down later on i found out it had moved to moonlighting night club i went there few weeks ago on a monday it was so empty even though the flier did say busy mondays i think they should change that caz its so not true but anywyas the music was good but evryone looked so gay i guess caz its student night so u get the gay people coming out mmmm yeah and i think the tunes should change i mean its always the same tunes :( i liked hombres night i got to see familiar faces from hombres and it was busier so yeah that was good
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